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DATAVIDEO Encoder streaming HDMI-HD-SDI, captura y punto-punto.

(Código: NVS-25)
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DATAVIDEO Encoder streaming HDMI-HD-SDI, captura y punto-punto.
Datavideo, Sistema de codificación H.264 y streaming. El sistema soporta resoluciónes Pal y HD, señales de entradas Vídeo Compuesto, (HD)-SDI, HDMI, audio no balanceado por RCA y XLR.

Broadcast quality HD / SD H.264 network streaming
H.264 / AVC video CODEC, up to High Profile Level 4.0
Input source: NVS-25 can accept SDI / HDMI / CVBS source input
Supports de-interlace video streaming for progressive output
Front panel control for recording and streaming
Audio inputs: select embedded or external audio source
Network feature: DHCP Client, RTSP over TCP/UDP/HTTP with MPEG TS. RTMP, HLS protocols (unicast only)
Flexible video scaler presets for streaming out
Supports 3 types of GOP structure: IBBP, IPPP and IBP
Web UI for system configuration and FW upgrade
Attach USB storage device (Up to 1TB storage device)

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